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Jonathan The Bear Man
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phone: (307) 886-9862
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Jonathan's Studio
P.O. Box 1329
Afton, WY  83110

The Bar J Chuckwagon Outdoor Museum

The Bar J Chuckwagon provides a hearty western meal, and their after dinner show is the most outstanding show in Jackson, when it comes to family entertainment and great western music. Their dinner of steak, bar-b-qued beef, ribs, or chicken comes with cowboy baked beans, baked potatoes, hot corn bread and delicous spice cake.  Their collection of Jonathan's art is growing; the moose is a new addition this year, with more additions to come!

If you would like more information about visiting the Bar J,
or you would like to order a recording,  go to www.barjchuckwagon.com.

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Bar J :: Robinson Narrows :: Afton :: Grizzly Falls ::  Richard Petty :: Bear Country
moonlit pond the bear man getting attacked grizzly fishing
Jedediah Smith; Mountain man who narrowly escaped a run in with a charging grizzly;
his friend shot the bear, but not before Jed was mauled quite badly
the pond bull moose
teepee with indians the charging griz  
Bar J :: Robinson Narrows :: Afton :: Grizzly Falls ::  Richard Petty :: Bear Country

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The Bar J Wranglers; Scott Humphrey, Tim Hodgson, Donnie Cook, Danny Rogers and Bryan Humphrey