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Jonathan The Bear Man
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Jonathan's Studio
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Afton, WY  83110

About the mediums

Art by Jonathan is considered a valuable investment with all of his work in collectors status. Homes have been sold contingent upon the presence of his art as part of the home or building! Here is a breakdown of the mediums Jonathan uses. Enjoy and take care of your investment!

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Wood is warm and the best choice for indoor applications. In the case of supporting pillars, Jonathan will gladly perform his art in wood, or if the piece is in a location where the wood is well covered by a roof from moisture and sunlight.  Jonathan highly recommends Laffrez or Tech stone for all other outdoor applications. He uses Cottonwood, Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Engelmann Spruce, Aspen, Poplar, Doug fir, Alder, Lodge pole pine, and other species of pine in his work. Most of his wood is selected by himself, or one of the artists of his studio, from the local forests that surround his Wyoming mountain home. He obtains permits from the local USFS authorities which include the Bridger Teton National Forests and the Caribou. 

Laffrez is a 9 part process of hand-carved laminates, giving life-like results, and is an artist's perfect medium for attaining unlimited effects. It is the most durable medium if exposed to the elements, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It is often a choice for indoor applications also, since it can be weight controlled, allowing for eagles or other birds made so that they may fly from invisible threads in a foyer or great room, as though hovering in mid air.

Tech Stone is a simulated stone process that Jonathan uses to create water features, and many times wildlife as well, if a stone look is desired on the wildlife. A figure hewn in stone has a powerful presence, if less detail than wood or Laffrez would have.  Sometimes Jonathan will make the rockwork and landscape out of Tech stone and make the wildlife, such as a grizzly fishing, in Laffrez. The two mediums combine well and complement each other, especially where high detail is desired on the wildlife.

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